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Media Training


Media Interviews Matter

Even in the age of social media, media interviews matter.  They provide a unique platform to convey your key messages, your personal knowledge and authority to a huge audience, instantly.  Get it right and you could get invited back to continually reinforce your messages as the go-to person in your industry.  Great for you and great for your company.   A poor performance is a wasted opportunity.  A bad performance can be seriously career limiting and terrible for your reputation.

Our bespoke media training courses are co-designed with you.  We get under the skin of what your unique selling points are and help you package those messages into 20 second soundbites.  No matter how complicated, it’s 20 seconds!   That’s how TV and radio works.  Quick and simple but with maximum power and impact. We collaborate with your communications marketing department to ensure you are crafting your messages to fit within the broader communications strategy.  Never again will you say “they used the wrong bit” or “I was misquoted”.

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How Applebox Works

Debbie works with a team of writers, journalists, film directors and graphic designers to deliver immersive and experiential training and coaching.

  • Our courses can be designed as one-to-one or group sessions. They can be provided onsite or in a studio setting
  • We provide a supportive environment to stress test your performance
  • We ensure lots of on-camera experience to increase comfort levels in front of the lens
  • You get robust questioning to test, and re-test your messaging
  • We provide coaching and guidance to help you prepare for your media appearances

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We trained four of our senior team to handle some media interviews during a really difficult time.  All had had media training before but we needed our execs to handle some really difficult messages.  Debbie took the time to understand the issues and to help us develop some strong messages which showed how much we cared about doing the right thing.  She was a far tougher interviewer than the real thing.  It was invaluable training and gave the team huge confidence.”

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